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Leander Dentist Open on Saturday

At Apple Springs Family Dentistry, we want to make it as easy as can be to take care of your smile. We understand that you’re probably juggling plenty already from work and school to errands and hobbies, and that these commitments can sometimes leave health care on the backburner. That’s why we’re happy to be open on Saturdays, giving our patients that extra day to fit in their dental care. Instead of trying to squeeze a trip to the dentist in during your lunch break or having your child miss school, feel free to visit us on the weekend. Apple Springs Family Dentistry is open 9am to 3pm every Saturday.

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More About Our Convenient Scheduling

We’re always looking for ways to better serve our community and make visiting the dentist less of a hassle. Being a Saturday dentist is just one of those ways, but we offer a number of other scheduling conveniences as well:

Same-Day Emergency Care

Got a dental emergency? You don’t have to wait days or even weeks to find an opening in a dental office’s schedule. Apple Springs Family Dentistry provides same-day emergency care so you can receive the necessary treatment as soon as possible. If you chip or crack your tooth, get a tooth knocked out, experience severe pain, or have another emergency, call us at 512-212-9711.

Family Block Appointments

Wrangling up the whole family for anything from breakfast to vacations can sometimes feel like an impossible task, and we know the same can be true when it comes to dental appointments, too. If you, your spouse, your kids, or any other family members all need dental appointments, consider our block scheduling option. You can reserve a chunk of the day for same-time or back-to-back appointments so everyone can be taken care of in just one trip to our office.

Same-Day Treatment Available

Just like you may want to minimize the number of times you have to visit the dentist, we want to make the most out of your time with us. If your diagnosis allows, we can provide same-day treatment so you don’t have to return to our practice another day to finish getting the dental care you need.

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